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Vital Records Stored in Unsecured Locations is a Recipe for Disaster

Information is the lifeblood of any business and requires the same level of protection as other precious assets. Whether your business records are in digital or physical format, they require:

  • Systematic Classification: Distinguishing between records by classifying them as ‘vital’, ‘important’ and ‘useful’ 
  • Proper Handling: Designing and implementing appropriate document management practices
  • Secure Storage: Investing in robust technology frameworks, advanced information security protocols, and professional records storage services. 

Protect Your Business Reputation with Professional Records Storage 

While you may implement the most sophisticated IT infrastructure and applications to safeguard your digital information, skimping on the storage arrangements for physical documents could lead to a number of governance, risk management, and compliance issues. In fact, storing vital records in an unsecured location is like a ticking time-bomb that could threaten your company’s reputation, as well as your business continuity plans. 

The experts at Crown Information Management discuss why moving your vital records to a professional records management company is a cost-efficient way to protect your business. 

Entrust Your Company’ Vital Records to Records and Information Management (RIM) Professionals 

Public storage units are a strict no-no for storing your vital records due to issues, such as climate-control, security, rodent and pest control, and unit sizes. Self-storage is also not ideal due to similar reasons. Both these options also require a considerably higher amount of time, cost, and resources for records classification, filing, storage, retrieval, regulatory compliance, and other such activities.

Relying on a professional records management company for storing your vital business records has several benefits: 

  • Remain Compliant: Whether it is regulatory guidelines or any other industry-specific norms, RIM professionals stay abreast of all document preservation or destruction requirements applicable to your business. You may no longer need to keep track of what to save or shred as the RIM experts take over such responsibilities and guide you on these matters.
  • Prevent Information Loss: Your physical records remain in clean, temperature-controlled, pest-free storage facilities, with high-end security and surveillance systems and systematic storage strategies. Using a professional records management service can help in preventing damage, theft, or leakage of your critical business data and information. 
  • Reallocate Precious Real Estate: Since all your records sit at an off-site location, you can use your own premises or self-storage units for other business activities, instead of packing them with cartons and cabinets of paper documents.
  • Retrieve Records in a Timely Manner: When you need to pull out vital records for audits, legal queries, or business transactions, professional recordkeeping companies offer prompt retrieval services, including scan-on-demand options. 
  • Enhance Productivity:You no longer need to assign a battery of resources for classifying, sorting, indexing, filing, boxing, storing, retrieving, or discarding your paper records. With professional records storage, you can save money, repurpose your physical infrastructure, and reallocate your staff in core business activities, thereby increasing your overall organizational efficiencies.

At Crown Information Management, we are a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company with extensive experience in the storage or destruction of vital physical records. You can count on us for a complete suite of records management services for your paper files and documents, including records classification, retrieval, permanent preservation, and secure shredding services. Our RIM professionals specialize in industry-specific solutions and use efficient and proven methods to safeguard your institutional memory and business reputation.  

For safe, reliable and affordable records management plans, hire Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online to request a free estimate. 

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