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What Is Medical Identity Theft? How to Prevent It?

Medical fraud is big business. With prescription drugs paying big on the street and doctors making prescriptions for certain medicines scarce, thieves need new avenues to get the drugs they want. Your medical identity is the right target and can cause you years of misery, along with poor medical service because of mismatched information from the thief. You know it is imperative to your financial health to keep your financial documents safe. What about your medical identity? If you haven't heard

Medical Record Storage in Florida for a Secure Doctor’s Office

Serving patients and their health is the pinnacle of medical practice. It also includes mounds of paperwork that have to be kept safe and secure per federal regulations. Many medical practices are moving to electronic records management. Keeping your patient's private information private should be second only to their medical care for those who haven't made the switch yet. Working with an information record management company places you above the rest in terms of following HIPAA.  (mor

School Is Back in Session – Protecting Your Child’s Identity

As parents, there is little we wouldn’t do for our children. Their physical and emotional safety is our number one priority. One area parents may not know how to protect proactively is their children’s financial wellbeing. We may not think about it because our kids don’t need credit until they reach adulthood, but cyber thieves are ever-ready to take advantage of this fact. Why not protect your child’s identity now to save them many headaches later? Just like savvy businesses utilize do

Outsourcing Your Paper Shredding, Product Destruction and Records Management in Orlando, FL

Paper and data – both these items are vital to the operations of your business. However, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of files and how to determine the best way to store them while still keeping them secure. Don’t forget the many privacy laws you may have to adhere to in your line of work. How do you keep up with everything and ensure your client’s information and your company’s data stay safe? One answer is to outsource your paper shredding, product destructio

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